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Local Schools and Amenities

Tick the boxes below to see the location of the school types on the map.    Tip: Use the zoom on the map to expand the area and see more schools.

Primary Schools primary schools Secondary Schools secondary schools Colleges and 6th Form Colleges colleges

School Types

AC = Academy

CY = Community Schools

VA = Voluntary Aided School

VC = Voluntary Controlled School

FD = Foundation School

CTC = City Technology College

FDS = Foundation Special School

NMSS = Non-maintained Special School

INDSS = Independent School

IND = Independent

MODFC = College funded by MOD

INDSPEC = Other Independent Special School

Agriculture and Horticulture College

Art, Design and Performing Arts College

General Further Education College

General Further Education College (Special)

Sixth Form College

Specialist Designated College

Tertiary College